The staff of Merrill Auto Electric , wants you to know, that we offer the latest in technology, tools, and machinery to accurately
diagnose and service your auto repair needs.  
Our Technicians are Master ASE or ASE certified, with ongoing training to keep certifications valid.

We understand the importance of a regular maintenance routine in order to keep your automobile in great running condition,
which saves you money by making your gas mileage greater, and repair bills at a minimum.

Make sure you sign up for our e-mail reminders for
Regularly Scheduled Maintenance
for all your family vehicles.

Because of the complicated array of computer modules, and other computerized elements in todays vehicles, it requires
Hi-Tech equipment, and Certified Technicians to fix them.

Later model vehicles should be serviced by ASE certified technicians, using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, and
training to help eliminate expensive guesswork of engine, and auto electrical problems.

Jamie and his staff also know common sense is needed on vehicle issues as well, we try to employ both, by listening to you,
the customer, as well as using state of the art programs, for diagnosing your vehicle systems.

We hope to see you soon for your vehicle needs.
Please contact us if you need to schedule an appointment, or have questions.  Also, let us know if you need to use our free
shuttle service while your vehicle is being serviced.

Art Bistline
Service Advisor
Michael Kealy
Mike Dunning
Meet Our Customers
To all hands & the machinist for
finding out the problem, and
repairing the 1996 engine on our
Town & Country Minivan with the
minimum of expense in the long
run.  We appreciate your staying in
there to complete the job!
Jim, and Mary Lou Carden
Thanks for all the help with Ryan's
Sincerely yours,
Raymond and Mary Balchuck
Thanks for the rides and phone
calls, and trying to keep costs
down.  And the electrical genius
that tended to my car!
Thank you, thank you!  Linda
Scott Goebel
Gray Gorlo
Daniel Lammers