Would you like to work along side other professionals who take pride in
good work and appreciate a cooperative atmosphere? Are you serious
about improving your skills and ambitious to make an excellent living?
Would you like nights and weekends home for family and free time? If this
sounds good to you, email your resume to askus@merrillelectric.com

Qualifications & Character

Our staff comes from a wide background in the automotive industry; car
dealerships, tire stores, gas stations and other independent shops. There
are some things our people all have in common;

They are honest, clean-cut, and trustworthy individuals.

They show motivation to learn & improve their skills.

They work cooperatively with each other & want to contribute.

They can produce and take great pride in their work.

ASE Techs - it's not getting any easier out there. Shrinking repair times,
shop politics, long hours, and indifferent management - these all lead to
more stress and less job satisfaction. There's a better way to make a good
living. All of our work is customer pay and you help determine what a job
should pay. Expert service advisors and parts professionals handle all
parts, estimates and work flow so you can stay focused and productive.

Future ASE Techs - Our most successful technicians had reached the limit
of opportunity where they were; tire and muffler stores, service stations,
and dealerships. They wanted to learn and earn more. Here you will have
the opportunity to become expert in the diagnosis and repair of, electrical
systems, fuel systems, computer modules,and many more, as well as,
regularly scheduled maintenance for most Cars, Trucks and RV's.

At Merrill Auto Electric, attitude is as important as skills. It may sound corny
but our shop is staffed with genuinely nice people and we're very careful
who we hire. We employ mature, responsible people who appreciate
organization and working along side other like-minded professionals. Our
facility, and reputation attract the best customers, and we truly appreciate
them. Many have been with us over twenty years. We don't pursue the
$19.95 oil change crowd.
Our customers enjoy their cars and are willing to spend the time and money
required to keep them up properly. You won't be rushed to cut corners and
sacrifice quality.

Find Out More

This is an ideal opportunity for the career automotive professional with
long term goals. If this sounds good to you, if you see yourself working
with other professionals in a cooperative, no-nonsense workplace,
email us your resume at
askus@merrillelectric.com and schedule a time to
We will be pleased to show you our company and how well we will support
you and your family with an outstanding pay plan, benefits, training and
Benefits for all employees include:

* Medical and Dental Insurance
Coverage for employees
Coverage plans for your family are available
* Life Insurance
* 401K Retirement Plan

Thank You,
Mike Dunning
President, Merrill Auto Electric, and
Merrill Axle and Wheel

E-mail your resume to: